Making sense of Hope

Friends, Hope comes from seeing God’s point of view in the midst of our crises situation, circumstances and events – but how so often we struggle with hopelessness when we face perilous times. The Bible recounts in (Mark 5:35-43) the story of Jairus the synagogue leader who felt hopeless in the midst of his crisis– … Continue reading Making sense of Hope

The What If…….?

The Doctor’s diagnosis is cancer; I can’t pay my bills; I get a pink slip from my employer; my business sales is down; I can’t feed my children; I am single and can't find the right husband or wife; I can’t find the right job; my husband or wife files for divorce; my friends and … Continue reading The What If…….?

Living an Extraordinary Life

Friends, the Lord has been challenging me lately to look beyond my limitations and rely on His ability and power through me and to believe that He is able to do extraordinary things through the lives of ordinary people like you and me. Journey with me to Judges 6:14 - the verse reads “The Lord … Continue reading Living an Extraordinary Life