Truth: A Spiritual Recipe for Victory over Sin

Have you ever been boxed into a corner and felt the only way out of the situation is not to tell the truth? I have. Before I had a change in my Christian lifestyle, I had the tendency to categorize lies into good and bad lies. However, any kind of lie is wrong, and it … Continue reading Truth: A Spiritual Recipe for Victory over Sin

Don’t fall for the Spirit of Deception

My friends, satan attracts us with pleasurable things that look good on the surface, but underneath they are foul. In other words – deception. I personally have fallen for this trick of satan and it led me to start praying daily for insight to defeat his lies. Deception can come through relationships and activities we … Continue reading Don’t fall for the Spirit of Deception

Jesus – Our Help in Time of Need

My friends, whatever need you may have in your life, be assured and comforted that Jesus is more than enough for you and He is your help in time of need. The word of God in Philippians 4:19 is a proof of this truth “And my God will meet all your needs according to the … Continue reading Jesus – Our Help in Time of Need

Beware of Deception

My friends, satan is the greatest deceiver and he uses things that look seemingly harmless in our world such as false prophets, teachers, TV, social media and so on to lure us away from living out our faith and remaining a testimony for Christ. Beware of his deception – he promises what he can never … Continue reading Beware of Deception

Reduce the Risk of Anxiety

My friends, for many years I suffered from anxiety of “what if’s” of life that I was unable to control or do anything about. This is wasted energy and futile at best. Our modern-day living and the chaos in our global environment also presents us with many reasons to be anxious. However, we must hold … Continue reading Reduce the Risk of Anxiety