Intentional Encouragement

My friends, as you know, the global pandemic has impacted our daily lives and caused discouragement. This emotion comes in various ways such as isolation, unmet and unrealistic expectations, depression, health issues, fear and so on.   Serving God does not exempt us from going through the season of discouragement.  I too continue to go through … Continue reading Intentional Encouragement

Looking Back and Moving Forward with Praise

Friends, I have found that the grace to praise God comes from a place of reflection on what God has done, what He’s currently doing and what He will do in the future.  With this perspective, we cannot help but see the need to praise Him. The heart of the God we serve is evident … Continue reading Looking Back and Moving Forward with Praise

Flourishing in Love

My friends, over the next nine weeks, we are going to focus on the fruits of the Spirit and how we can apply them to our day to day lives. This week, our focus is on LOVE. Love is one of those action words that requires the help of the Holy Spirit and an intentional … Continue reading Flourishing in Love

Enjoying the Favor of God

Do you sometimes feel you are not enjoying the favor of God? Don’t despair. Remember Joseph? He went through many trying times but (Genesis 39:2-4) reminds us that the Lord was with Joseph and he prospered. My friends, God wants to favor you physically, emotionally and spiritually – in fact, He delights in doing so … Continue reading Enjoying the Favor of God