Navigating life with God’s Wisdom

My friends, we need godly wisdom to navigate the situations, circumstances and events of life.  The story of Joseph comes to mind – he was a slave in Egypt and during this time, Pharaoh had a dream that none of his magicians and wise men could interpret for him. And through series of divine intervention, … Continue reading Navigating life with God’s Wisdom

Say No to Crises

Crises! Crises! Crises! One crises seem to follow another, doesn’t it?  I recall a season in my life when I was in one crises, getting ready to come out of it whilst another one was waiting right around the corner.  It was physically, emotionally and spiritually draining. Published by Devotional Diva, Europe & USA.   … Continue reading Say No to Crises

What are You thirsty for?

Friends, being thirsty means a desiring, craving, eagerness, keenness and hungry for a situation, circumstance and event – for example, we could be thirsty for power, money, fame, attention, and so on. Have you ever wondered why we have this deep unsatisfied longing well within us – even when we seem to have everything our … Continue reading What are You thirsty for?

The Value of a Gentle Spirit

Our focus this week is on the fruit of GENTLENESS. My friends, I recall a time when this fruit was not demonstrated in my life. I was always eager to give people around me my piece of mind when in a frustrating situation. We are all sometimes prone to this type of thinking – however, … Continue reading The Value of a Gentle Spirit

Holy Spirit – The Change Agent

My friends, what do you do when you hear that inner voice gently convicting you of questionable life situations, circumstances, and events? Do you ignore it (like I sometimes did) and face the dire consequences that follow, or do you listen and enjoy the freedom that comes with obedience? Published by Calvary Chapel Melbourne, USA. … Continue reading Holy Spirit – The Change Agent