Are You Easily Angered?

Anger is the result of unmet expectations – some expectations are unrealistic and some are right. Regardless of the type of anger we are dealing with, the Bible cautions us in (Ephesians 4:26-27) that in our anger we should neither sin, nor let the sun go down while we are still angry and not give … Continue reading Are You Easily Angered?

The path to Forbearance

My friends, this week, we are focusing on FORBEARANCE. The simple definition of forbearance is abstaining from the enforcement of ones right. How so often I have felt the need to tell people off because they have encroached on “my rights”. Friends, the lack of forbearance for one another is rooted in unforgiveness and what … Continue reading The path to Forbearance

Choose to Rejoice and Pray always

The worries of life often weigh us down and we forget how to remain in the presence of God through rejoicing and prayer. We usually take for granted the daily blessings we receive which include the gift of life, good health, food, shelter and our vocation. We view these blessings as our rights. However, the … Continue reading Choose to Rejoice and Pray always