Are You Suffering?

If your answer is “Yes,” don’t despair. My friends, we all suffer or have suffered in different ways. For some of us, it could be emotional, physical, financial, marital, business, career, health, relationships, the list goes on. Whatever category your suffering falls into – don’t despair. Published by Calvary Chapel Melbourne, USA. Read the complete … Continue reading Are You Suffering?

Taking the Risk with the Holy Spirit

My friends, have you ever experienced a strong prompting to reach out to someone, even when that person is not in your sphere of influence? And when you obey, you find out that the individual was at a cross road of life and your connection was exactly what was needed, whether emotionally, physically or spiritually? … Continue reading Taking the Risk with the Holy Spirit

The Privilege of Humility

My friends, due to my Christian upbringing and knowledge of the Word of God about pride, for many years I often thought that pride was far from me. However, I later realized that in my season of walking in rebellion and focusing on self as well as my ability to make it on my own, … Continue reading The Privilege of Humility

What Part are You Playing to Enhance Godly Governance?

In the business environment, governance requires the establishment of policies and continuous monitoring of their proper implementation by the members of the governing body of an organization. This governing structure can also be applied in the Church and the home. Published in Calvary Chapel Melbourne, FL, USA. Read the complete blog post here.     … Continue reading What Part are You Playing to Enhance Godly Governance?