The Provisions of God: Insights From A Cat Named Mascot

AAmos-Provisions_frontReflecting on the Provisions of God through the lenses of a Cat named Mascot is a captivating book presented with a bit of humor to showcase God’s provision and faithfulness at all times. It will enable the reader to experience the God who does not have IMPOSSIBILITY in His dictionary, building faith to trust God’s provision for the seemingly impossible situations and circumstances of life. It shares perspectives from God’s Word and personal affirmations that build boldness and confidence.

Especially meaningful for Global Christians who want to encourage themselves in the Lord and continue to build their faith and watch God provide for them in every area of their lives. Insightful for non-Christians who will dare to believe and are willing to tap into the Power of the Great Provider, and, by so doing, experience an uncommon transformation in their lives. Important truths for  Global Christian leaders  (CEOs, Ministers, Pastors) and Global Churches, Ministries, Organizations, and non-profits who are trained by the power of the Holy Spirit to shepherd God’s people.

This book provides an excellent resource that addresses topics such as:

      • The characteristics of the Great Provider and types of provisions
      • Bible characters who experienced supernatural provision so we can draw hope from them
      • Principles of waiting on your provision
      • When provision comes – what next?
      • Perspective from God’s Word and personal Affirmations that build boldness and confidence
      • And, of course, an insight into who Mascot the cat is


Buy this book and 90% of the royalties received will be donated to support Christian Mission

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This book is easy to read and the author has demonstrated her gift of being able to explain things in a way that readers can understand and apply to their lives without difficulty.
— Taylor Graham, Editor
The Provisions of God: Insights from a Cat Named Mascot, is a fun and curious book conjuring up the imagination from a feline perspective. The sections covered in the book will inspire the reader on to spiritual growth with the addition of humor.
— Bonnie Simpson, Retired Business Owner And Volunteer Supporting Chaplain Of A Nursing Home
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