O God, Order My Steps

My friends, I don’t know about you, but knowing what I know now “In Christ”, I would rather have God order my steps than me making the mess of my life as I once did. Imagine with me the God who knows the end from the beginning - Isaiah 46:10 says “I make known the end from … Continue reading O God, Order My Steps

Experiencing the Holy Spirit is Risky

My friends, have you ever experienced a strong prompting to reach out to someone even when that person is not in your sphere of influence? And when you obey, you find out that the individual was at a cross road of life and your connection, whether emotionally, physically or spiritually was exactly what was needed? … Continue reading Experiencing the Holy Spirit is Risky

Encourage Me O God

My friends, discouragement is an emotion that Satan uses to distract us from fulfilling our purpose in life for God. It comes in various ways such as isolation, unmet and unrealistic expectations, depression, health issues, eyeing the progress of others and so on. Serving God does not exempt us from going through discouragement. Recently, I … Continue reading Encourage Me O God

Truth: A Spiritual Recipe for Victory over Sin

Have you ever been boxed into a corner and felt the only way out of the situation is not to tell the truth? I have. Before I had a change in my Christian lifestyle, I had the tendency to categorize lies into good and bad lies. However, any kind of lie is wrong, and it … Continue reading Truth: A Spiritual Recipe for Victory over Sin

What it means to be spiritually significant

Those who are into gardening know that when plants are not watered and given necessary nutrients, they become dry and eventually die. However, when they are well nurtured, their leaves are always green and they bear beautiful fruits. My friends, feeding on the Word of God is like plants being nurtured to bear beautiful fruits. … Continue reading What it means to be spiritually significant