Transforming Business with Godly Governance: Nine Characteristics for Workplace Success

In the business world there has been a dramatic rise in job dissatisfaction, with a majority of workers finding work environments more often a source of frustration instead of fulfillment. Competition has replaced compassion, personal gain usurped the greater good, and power struggles now dominate every corner of the business world.

Transforming Business with Godly Governance has been written for global Business Professionals, Christians and non-Christians alike, who seek for insightful ways to transform their business environments.

The author, Agnes Amos-Coleman, a business professional for more than thirty years, gives valuable advice on how to transform the business environment from a “them” or “us” attitude to one that allows every person in the workplace to find fulfillment and be of service to others.

If you desire:

  • Practical, positive counsel to effect transformation in your own workplace
  • knowledge on nine Governance Characteristics that will activate you to become a change agent of transformation in your own business environment
  • Character-based leadership and how to serve as a leader in all aspects of your life


Buy this book and revolutionize your workplace one person at a time with these godly governance characteristics.



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