Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice

My friends, a Bible character whose life was characterized by disobedience was Saul and the consequences of his actions led to God rejecting him as king of His people Israel. I encourage you to read the full account of this story in 1 Samuel 15. It is against this backdrop of disobedience to the will … Continue reading Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice

Thanksgiving Creates a Fresh Perspective

My friends, I have found that sometimes our perspectives are tied into the emotions, circumstances and events we go through and if the situations are not pleasant, they skew our ability to be thankful. However, when we choose to give thanks in all circumstances, it creates a fresh perspective and allows us to see God … Continue reading Thanksgiving Creates a Fresh Perspective

Flowing in Ceaseless Praise

My friends, continual praise to the God who created the Heavens and the earth should be a daily occurrence in our lives. However, we often take praising God for granted either through ignorance or because we don’t carve out time to do this and hence, we are reminded in Psalm 145:3 of the importance “Great … Continue reading Flowing in Ceaseless Praise

Daily clothing ourselves with humility

My friends, throughout scripture, we are warned to beware of the spirit of pride and I have often wondered why. The reason is because pride is rooted in the fall of man and satan himself fell from grace because of pride. What is also very interesting with the sin of pride is that it creeps … Continue reading Daily clothing ourselves with humility

O Lord, Turn not Thy Face Away

My friends, have you ever gone through seasons of life when you felt God has turned His face away from you? I have and I can honestly say, those times were the darkest in my life. You see, the Bible told us that the Psalmist, King David was a man after God’s own heart and … Continue reading O Lord, Turn not Thy Face Away