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The Privilege of Humility

My friends, due to my Christian upbringing and knowledge of the Word of God about pride, for many years I often thought that pride was far from me. However, I later realized that in my season of walking in rebellion and focusing on self as well as my ability to make it on my own, … Continue reading The Privilege of Humility

The Baby in the Manger – Our Immanuel

My friends, Christmas for me once meant the warm feeling of smelling and drinking peppermint tea; cocoa; gifts under the tree; the lights and the gigantic tree in the malls and of course the hyped consumerism that goes with it. Over the years, this meaning changed when I met people from all walks of life … Continue reading The Baby in the Manger – Our Immanuel

Enjoying the Favor of God

Do you sometimes feel you are not enjoying the favor of God? Don’t despair. Remember Joseph? He went through many trying times but (Genesis 39:2-4) reminds us that the Lord was with Joseph and he prospered. My friends, God wants to favor you physically, emotionally and spiritually – in fact, He delights in doing so … Continue reading Enjoying the Favor of God

What Part are You Playing to Enhance Godly Governance?

In the business environment, governance requires the establishment of policies and continuous monitoring of their proper implementation by the members of the governing body of an organization. This governing structure can also be applied in the Church and the home. Published in Calvary Chapel Melbourne, FL, USA. Read the complete blog post here.     … Continue reading What Part are You Playing to Enhance Godly Governance?

The God who walks with You

My former boss once told me that in our earthly sojourn, we journey as people of God, never alone. If you are fortunate, your brothers and sisters walk with you; but always and forever, God walks with you – how so true! However, when the storms of life come – be it health, financial, emotional, … Continue reading The God who walks with You