Latest Devotions

Holy Spirit The Comforter

My friends, think about a time when your life spiraled out of control through a situation, circumstance and event of life and there was no one physically around to comfort you in that dark place.  Yet, you sensed and felt an indescribable peace - that feeling is the presence of the Holy Spirit providing you … Continue reading Holy Spirit The Comforter

Let the Peace of God Dwell in Your Heart

My friends, peace is a state of mind that money cannot buy – this means you could have everything you need in life (wealth and all) and still not have peace.  Nevertheless, essential to living a quality life. I am sure we all know (ourselves included) someone who has lost their peace through fear, defeat, … Continue reading Let the Peace of God Dwell in Your Heart

Experiencing the Joy of the Lord

My friends, experiencing the joy of the Lord requires an intentional state of mind backed by the help of the Holy Spirit.  We are often faced in this world with situations that squeeze out anything joyful in our lives. The lack of joy could be as a result of unfulfilled expectations in our careers, marriages, … Continue reading Experiencing the Joy of the Lord

Defuse Discouragement with Hope

My friends, discouragement is an emotion that Satan uses to distract us from fulfilling our purpose in life. serving God does not exempt us from discouragement but it should draw us closer to God who is able to help and encourage us in our time of need. Psalm 34:17-19 is a reminder of God’s heart … Continue reading Defuse Discouragement with Hope

Don’t Be Afraid – Just Believe

My friends, I have often heard “Fear” described as “false evidence appearing real”.  This is so true when we are confronted with physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, health, financial, career, business, death situations and so on. Indeed, the situations are real to us and I know this because I too have had my fair share.  However, … Continue reading Don’t Be Afraid – Just Believe