Latest Devotions

Oh Lord, make a way for me

My friends, have you ever been in a place of desperation with no where to turn to but God? I have, through sickness, divorce, career and relationships and during those times, my cry of desperation was “Oh Lord, make a way for me”. I don’t know the desperate situation you are currently going through but … Continue reading Oh Lord, make a way for me

Bring Jesus your Nothing

My friends, I’m sure we are all familiar with the Bible story of Jesus miraculously feeding five thousand people with just one little boy’s lunch. Read the full account of the story in (John 6:1-14). The boy had only the meager small lunch he had managed to put in a sack and bring with him—just … Continue reading Bring Jesus your Nothing

Navigating the Crossroad of Life?

My friends, are you at the crossroad of life? If yes, don’t be discouraged – we have all been there and if you are currently not there, you will - simply because it is at the crossroad of life that our faith is tested and strengthened. To breakthrough at the crossroad of life, means: Unwavering … Continue reading Navigating the Crossroad of Life?

Watch your Thoughts

My friends, our lives are defined by our thoughts. Let’s reflect on a moment when a thought came into our minds (good or bad), and how the thought process eventually played out in our lives. In God’s sovereignty, He knew how our thoughts could make or break us in life if we don’t watch and … Continue reading Watch your Thoughts