Latest Devotions

Our New Identity

My friends, we may know someone or maybe we too have struggled with identity crises when forced to leave our business environment through layoffs, sickness or other unforeseen circumstances. The reason often lies in the fact that we have put our worth and self-esteem in our job titles and social status rather than in our … Continue reading Our New Identity

Is Pride Hindering Your Progress?

My friends, the Lord knows the damage that pride can do to our lives and because He is a good Father, He provides us with a way of escape by constantly warning us through His word to humble ourselves so we are not destroyed. One of such warning is evident in (1 Peter 5:6) “Humble … Continue reading Is Pride Hindering Your Progress?

Oh God Remember Me

Friends, we all need God to remember us in every area of our lives – be it physical, emotional, spiritual, in our marriage, career, business, health, ministry, relationships and so on. Yet, so often we forget that God delights in remembering us.  Our first inclination is that God has forsaken us – but not so.  … Continue reading Oh God Remember Me

Looking Back and Moving Forward with Praise

Friends, I have found that the grace to praise God comes from a place of reflection on what God has done, what He’s currently doing and what He will do in the future.  With this perspective, we cannot help but see the need to praise Him. The heart of the God we serve is evident … Continue reading Looking Back and Moving Forward with Praise

The Power of Choice

Friends, looking back at my life and the consequences of the wrong choices I have made, I have often wondered why God did not take away my ability to choose in those horrible situations. The answer to my thinking is that God gives us the free will to choose and this power also comes with … Continue reading The Power of Choice